See BASQUIAT for £5.

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BASQUIAT exhibition at the Barbican is ending in less than a few weeks. If you are art lover or just a casual viewer the price is so affordable that it would be a sin not to go see this exhibition.

I visited last year through my school and It was breathtaking. The exhibition was scheduled as part of the one of the days of work ; I had heard about him but never really looked more deeply into it. So the day before I watched the documentary Basquiat: Rags to Riches on BBC IPlayer, which I highly recommended you watch before visiting the exhibition. Seeing the paintings up close that I had seen in the documentary was very surreal. The documentary gave a lot of context to Basquiat’s work and helped you understand it on another level. I think his work is very relevant in this day and age as it speaks on various issues like race and entertainment.

OK finally.

Yes…£5 BUT this is only available for anyone aged 14-25 years. This is the best deal for viewing exhibitions you can get and exists at the Barbican,London. It’s called the Young Barbican and can be applied for various art exhibitions, events and movie screenings. You will need to sign up or log in and then book the event to receive the Young Barbican price.

Also don’t forget to check out the Banksy murals on the outside around the Barbican centre.


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Where to buy your fave Korean products


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For the past year or so I have been obsessed with Korean skincare and beauty. I have all had problems with my skin from blemish spots to dull skin. When I discovered Korean skincare, I was ecstatic because I had tried skincare from the UK and always found that it didn’t work well with my skin. My skin type is normal to combination with an oily t-zone and also have blemish spots, occasional pimples, dull skin and also rough texture.

So I researched all the time on the best skincare products for my skin. Korean skincare focuses on not just making your skin look good but also actually help your skin from the inside out. Peach & Lily explains that ‘Their belief is that a truly radiant complexion doesn’t happen overnight by simply treating the skin’s outer layers. Instead, Korean skincare concentrates on maintaining a healthy, well hydrated and nourished skin environment for results that last a lifetime.’. The following are 5 different outlets for Korean skincare from skincare expert curated sites to a high-street shop.


Yesstyle, for those who are unaware, is online shop of clothing, beauty, lifestyle products focus in the culture of Asian countries like Korea and Japan etc. You can find a variety of beauty products and so If you’re looking for a product this site might be the place for you.


Amazon is one of my favourites sites ever because of the variety/range of products from electronics, books and skin care you can get for a decent price, most of the time. It also has different sellers and they all sell the products at different rates. I actually purchased my foam cleanser from a seller in Seoul, Korea with free shipping that arrived in two weeks or so.


This is probably the one site I have used the most and gotten at lot of tips from. I discovered them through their YouTube channel when I was searching about Korean skincare. Their most appealing feature is the wish, try, love packages that comes with free international shipping; shipping is one thing I hate paying for so that is key for me when looking to buy online. They are also discounted a lot so you should join their newsletters or subscribe to their YouTube channel to get the best deals. I also have some reviews coming up on their wish, try, love deals.

wishtrend,wish,, deal

wish, try, love deal

4.Sokoglam / Peach & Lily

For those living in the US/North America. Both of these sites are curated of skincare products and therefore you know that they will stock products that they have found to give you the best results. This site has 10 step skincare routine sets for all different types of skin types; They do sell all 10 products together but I didn’t want to spend that much when I just starting out. and yes 10 products is a lot to dive into at once. Peach & Lily is another site, but I haven’t really used it as I found this site last so I already knew enough information on Korean products. They are still, however, a great site for beginners to check out as they also have skincare sets.

5.T.K. Maxx

Yes I know… tkmaxx. I have now been to several stores in London and they stock variety of k-skincare products. Usually find sheet masks by The Face Shop, Mizon, Other skincare products they stock are by brands like Elizavecca and Etude House and Tony Moly. Bare in mind that because I have only been to a stores in London that I have found them and am not sure about stories outside of the capital.

sheet masks, masks

masks I bought at T.K. Maxx

All these are great to try to get into Korean skincare, but I recommend browsing through these sites to find where you can find the right one for you own skin type and also for the best price. I hope you enjoy this new world of Korean skincare as much as I have.