See BASQUIAT for £5.

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BASQUIAT exhibition at the Barbican is ending in less than a few weeks. If you are art lover or just a casual viewer the price is so affordable that it would be a sin not to go see this exhibition.

I visited last year through my school and It was breathtaking. The exhibition was scheduled as part of the one of the days of work ; I had heard about him but never really looked more deeply into it. So the day before I watched the documentary Basquiat: Rags to Riches on BBC IPlayer, which I highly recommended you watch before visiting the exhibition. Seeing the paintings up close that I had seen in the documentary was very surreal. The documentary gave a lot of context to Basquiat’s work and helped you understand it on another level. I think his work is very relevant in this day and age as it speaks on various issues like race and entertainment.

OK finally.

Yes…£5 BUT this is only available for anyone aged 14-25 years. This is the best deal for viewing exhibitions you can get and exists at the Barbican,London. It’s called the Young Barbican and can be applied for various art exhibitions, events and movie screenings. You will need to sign up or log in and then book the event to receive the Young Barbican price.

Also don’t forget to check out the Banksy murals on the outside around the Barbican centre.


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